Writer’s Block

It Happens

A picture of a Dam
“File:Arimine Dam survey.jpg” by Qurren is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

There are moments when a writer is flooded with ideas, and the most difficult aspect becomes choosing one idea to focus on. However, there are days when the mind sits in retirement. The function just stops. The flood of ideas drops to a drop. A writer’s block, a dam, concrete poured over the stream of ideas. Writer’s seek out inspiration to break this dam; however, sometimes even a jackhammer cannot crack this concrete. Thus; a rest, a break. Allowing nature to neutralize the unnatural. Slowly with time the rush of ideas will begin to crack the fictional rock, and a biblical flood will dance chaotically. The most difficult aspect will once again become choosing the best idea to pluck from the chaotic sea.



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