Analysis of “the man”

An Intriguing Piece

“the man”

The “man” is not just a sculpture but a story of life. Its scars and folds hide everything from the humble moments to the tales of epic proportions. However, the “man” is also thin and alone, its scars unique, for no one can truly understand his experiences and perspective exactly.

Texture is the first visual element to catch the eye, it covers the skin of the sculpture. In the past texture was used to tell the truth about the world, here it’s being used for telling the truth about life. It is chaotic, ugly, beautiful, interesting, and unique. The skin which this “man” wears is unique to it.

Scale is used in the body and scars of the man. Some scars are large while others short depicting the big and small moment of life. The body is thin to show the loneliness which comes from the inability to share one’s own perspective and experiences with complete accuracy. The feet are massive to depict the sheer impact a life has on the world around it.

The organic shape of the structure is irregular and surreal, depicting the unpredictable and unique nature of a life. Sometimes it dwells in the smallest moments, while other times in the greatest struggle. Each moment changing the shape of the figure and making it more unique. The organic shape brings the sculpture to life.



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