An Exercise in Fiction: Part 3

Part 3: Climax, the plot comes to its apex

It is recommended to read Part 1 and Part 2 before this.

An explosive and vivid painting
“the underwater dilemma : liquid painting, scott richard, san francisco (2015)” by torbakhopper is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

His world has become numb. Frozen. His eyes gawk at his brother.

“Ivan we are going to blow it up.”

His dream. His post as a soldier in the Nemanade Garrison. His brother who had lived in the dream, a man who had walked the golden streets of Nemanade, was now going to steel that same privilege from him. All his life all he wanted was to live among the lights of Nemanade. Live in a place where food was plentiful, where there was a cure to every sickness, where opportunities lived on every street, where freedom roamed wild, a place made of dreams. Nemanade, a place where life was worth living. Now his own flesh wanted to snatch that dream from him.

He had sworn to protect that city. He had sworn to live in that city. That city was hope. Hope that even a quite kid from the sticks can climb to the top of the world. He had sacrificed everything. His family. His freedom. His home. Everything. All for that dream. He is a Corporal of the Nemanade Garrison Unit Four Lesinar. In front of him stands the enemy.

He strikes his fist into Peter’s face. A kick from the opposite leg into Peter’s flank. A right knee into the kneeling Peter’s abdomen. Thud. A heavy body crumbles him to the ground. Cusses. Kicks. A familiar rusty taste.

“Stop! Everyone Stop Now!” Peter grabs him by the hair and lifts his bruised face. A streak of crimson runs from Peter’s nose, “what is wrong with you, Ivan, why? Do you not see what we are doing! This country is rotten. This city is the culprit. Have you been a slave to them so long that you have forgotten!”

“I am no slave! I am a soldier. A man doing his job. What would you know about that! Everything comes easy to you Peter. I will kill you and all of these terrorists you surround yourself with!”

“Its too late Ivan. I will rebuild this country, everything is already in motion. Ivan, brother, please you are my flesh, stop this nonsense.”

He spits towards Peter, “Never!” Boom! An explosion. Boom. Another explosion. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. He stares at the Wall, water gushing through it now. Explosions still raging on.

“Let’s go. The Besplatno will handle the rest. Hurry before the water swallows this hill. Peter turns to face him, “Take him as well. Lock him up. He might have some more information. Get it out of him.”

Part 4: Falling Action, will be written and published on October 6, 2020.

Many names in this story are inspired by the Serbian Language and Russian History.



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